Easy Red Velvet Milkshake Recipe

Everyone’s favorite southern dessert in milkshake form! Make this easy red velvet milkshake this Valentine’s Day or anytime you are craving ice cream, chocolate cake and cream cheese frosting.

Vertical photo of red velvet milkshake

Rather than deciding between cake and ice cream, why not put the two together? Make a rich, creamy red velvet milkshake made with vanilla ice cream and frosted red velvet cake to celebrate Valentine’s Day (or just because).

Horizontal photo of ingredients used to make a red velvet cake milkshake

The key to making a great milkshake is simple: use good ice cream! High quality ice cream and an extra teaspoon of vanilla extract will make any milkshake better. Then, when you add red velvet cupcakes and a little cream cheese, you get this delicious, extra creamy red velvet milkshake recipe that is truly better than cake.

A photo of a red velvet cake milkshake photographed from above

Top down view of a pink red velvet milkshake

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Photo of a red velvet cake milkshake with mini cupcakes and a text tile



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