Unique Easter Egg Decorating Idea

Try one of these unique egg dying techniques this Easter.

Do you decorate eggs for Easter? I still love to. Last night I boiled a dozen eggs with the anticipation of decorating them later this week. I was looking for some new decorating ideas and I remember that Martha Stewart recently came out with an Egg Dyeing 101 iPhone app. Being the big Martha Stewart Living app fan that I am, I downloaded it. I was pleasantly surprised with the variety and uniqueness of the decorating ideas. My favorite decorating idea was using electrical tale and vinyl adhesive as stencils and resists. Above are a few ideas that inspired an app (with how-to’s for all you non-iPhone Easter egg fans).

1. Square-Patterned Eggs.
2. Leaf and Flower Easter Eggs.
3. Easter Eggs with Overlapping Dot Designs (I love how these use CMYK!)
4. Such a great way to make a drying rack for your eggs.

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