DIY XO Painted Cloth Napkins

Make Valentine’s Day extra special and paint a set of store-bought napkins. No painting or sewing skills required to make these cute XO cloth napkins!

You don't need to be an artist to make your own Valentine's Day dinner napkins. Use a small angled brush to paint X's and O's all over white cotton napkins.

I kinda have a thing for cloth napkins. Whenever I’m in home decor stores I go straight for the textile section and look for lovely printed napkins. I adore a good pattern and I just love how cloth napkins can make a weekday dinner feel so much more special. It’s an easy entertaining trick that I almost always use when we have friend over for a meal. Since we always opt for a delicious home cooked meal on Valentine’s Day, I dressed up a set of white cotton napkins with some craft paint to create Valentine’s dinner ready napkins.

Grab some craft paint and plain cotton napkins and paint a set of Valentine's Day cloth napkins.

Time: 1 hour
white cotton napkins
– craft paint (I used love bird and camellia pink)
– small angled paint brush

Wash and dry your napkins. Give them a quick press with an iron to remove any wrinkles. Place a scrap piece of fabric under one napkin in case the paint bleeds through. Starting at the top edge, use multi-surface craft paint to paint X’s and O’s in a horizontal line. I found it helpful to use a ruler as a guide as I was painting. Continue painting working your way down one row at a time. You can alternate between different sizes of X’s and O’s to create contrasting designs.

Use a small angled paint brush to paint X's and O's all over store-bought cloth napkins. A cute way to make an at-home Valentine's Day dinner extra special!

If the smaller X’s and O’s are too tedious for you, grab a little bit larger paint brush and paint a larger print. The best part about this project is that you don’t need any painting skills to make a festive set of napkins. And don’t worry if your rows don’t line up perfectly it adds to the charm!

These XO napkins would be perfect for a at-home Valentine's Day dinner or even a galantine's party!

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