DIY Simple Catch-All Tray

Holly of Club Crafted is sharing how to make a colorful catch-all tray in just a few minutes with this easy to do tutorial from the book Hello Color.

This post is created by Holly of Club Crafted

In case you missed it, Rachel of The Crafted Life recently released her book Hello Color! The book is a must for any color-lover (like myself!) and includes a ton of simple DIYs for adding more color to your home. Inspired by the projects, I decided to make my own version of Rachel’s catch-all tray with sticker letters. It’s amazing what a little spray paint can do!

I decorated my clear catch-all tray with pale pink paint and mint stickers saying exactly what’s in my dish…little things!


Lipped tray
Spray paint
Sticker letters

Step 1

First, remove any stickers on the tray and wipe clean. Cover your workspace with a dropcloth or papers to protect it. Apply a layer of spray paint all over the top side of the tray. Be sure to always spray paint in a safe area with proper ventilation. Let dry.

Step 2

Once dry, flip the tray over to finish painting the rest. Let dry.

Depending on the color of the tray, only one coat of paint should be necessary.

Step 3

When the paint is no longer tacky, apply sticker letters in your desired saying.

For centered words, I recommend placing down the middle letters first, then working outwards.

Place your tray near your entryway to catch all the little things you tend to leave around the house.

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