DIY Glitter Jar Votives

Learn how to make glitter mason jar votives.

DIY Glitter Jar Votives | Sarah Hearts

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. I spent my weekend visiting with my in-laws and sister-in-law, riding, and cleaning the house. The later wasn’t as fun as the first two things.

Last week I worked on a special project (that I will be able to announce in a couple months) that involved lots and lots of Mod Podge. After working with this retro all-purpose adhesive, I decided to gab a few tiny mason jars and some glitter to make votives for our foyer table.

DIY Glitter Jar Votives | Sarah Hearts

DIY Glitter Jar Votives | Sarah Hearts

I mixed about a tablespoon of gloss Mod Podge with a ton of fine gold glitter and used a small foam brush to paint the inside of the jars. I painted three coats, letting it air dry completely between coats. I think they would look great with votive candles in them, though I’ll need to get some flickering LED ones because flames may melt the Mod Podge.

What does your foyer look like? I’m always looking for some ways to spruce up our tiny entry way.

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  1. Sarah –
    I adore these glittery votives! Of course they would be great year round, but I’ve got my eye on them as the perfect holiday decor for this upcoming holiday season! Definitely bookmarking them – too cute. :) Thanks for sharing.

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