DIY Floral Pocket Apron Mother’s Day Gift

Don’t buy, DIY for mom this Mother’s Day and make her an adorable apron with a floral pocket.

Spring has sprung and Mother’s Day is just around the corner…where did the time go?! If anyone appreciates a homemade gift, it’s moms, so I thought I’d share a simple sewing project for this floral pocket apron to gift the moms in your life! Add a spring touch to any colorful apron with small felt pockets shaped like flowers, and wrap it up for Mother’s Day or even a hostess gift alongside kitchen utensils.

I used a sewing machine to secure the pockets to the apron, but you can absolutely hand sew them if you prefer. My hand stitching is terrible, so I opted for the machine.




Fold the white or colored felt in half. Cut out two large flower shapes from it, about 4-5 inches wide. If it helps, create a paper template first.


Cut two small circles out of yellow felt, about 1 ½ inches wide.


Glue the yellow circles to the centers of the flowers.


Try on the apron to determine where you’ll want the pockets to be. Pin in place, ensuring the pockets are aligned.


Thread your sewing machine with a color that matches the flowers. Sew along the edge of the bottom half of each flower to create the pocket, back stitching at each end to secure. Because of the detail of each petal, work very slowly, lifting the foot as needed to turn the apron.

Be sure to allow the glue time to dry before using or gifting, and I’m sure any mom would love one!



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