DIY Mystery Supply Challenge: Paint Dipped Ribbon Ornaments

11 bloggers were challenged to create something using the same basic holiday craft supplies. Take a look at what I created and learn how to make your own paint dipped ornaments.

11 bloggers created ornaments using the same basic holiday craft supplies! Loving Sarah Hearts paint dipped version with velvet and glitter ribbon!

Remember last Monday how I told you I was participating in a holiday DIY challenge? Well today I’m excited to share my creation! If you need a refresher, myself and ten other bloggers all started with the same basic supplies:

– 1 pack of clear glass/plastic ornaments (I bought both onion and round ones, but ended up going with the round ones)
– 1 Sharpie paint pen (I chose gold)
– 1 bag of faux snow (I went for the matte, white kind)
– 1 roll of ribbon (I chose gold glitter ribbon)

We were able to add in any other supplies we had on hand. So I added some velvet ribbon in magenta, pale mint, and teal and also used some white and teal craft paint I had.

11 bloggers started with the same basic supplies and created 11 different ornaments. This would be a fun challenge to do with your girlfriends!

I started by mixing white craft paint with a drop of teal paint to create a pale mint color. Then I removed the metal ornament tops and poured about a teaspoon of paint in each glass bulb. Then I tapped the ornament on my palm, while rotating it, so the paint would cover the bottom half of the ornament. Once I finished this step, I set them upright in the plastic tray they came in and let them dry for a couple hours.

I used a gold oil-based Sharpie to make the metal tops gold. I was really surprised at how well this worked. The paint went on evenly and was so much easier (and cleaner) than using spray paint. Just make sure you let the metal tops dry for a bit before putting them back on.

Then I filled the paint dipped ornaments with the faux snow. This is messy. Like really messy. And there’s no easy way of doing this; you just have to pack a little bit into the ornament at a time. I recommend doing this over a large bowl so you don’t get snow everywhere (like I did). After they are all filled, cut a piece of ribbon that’s long enough to drape over the entire ornament. Place it on the ornament and then add the painted metal top back on, making sure each metal prong is on either side of the ribbon. Then trim the ends with scissors are you’re ornament is ready to be hung on your tree.

Sarah Hearts's paint dipped ornaments are filled with faux snow for added texture. The metal tops are made gold with a quick coat of a gold Sharpie paint pen.

Painted dipped ornaments get a makeover with a little faux snow and some pretty velvet ribbon.

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A big thanks to Caitlin for creating and coordinating this fun DIY challenge!

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