Currently Loving Glitter

Loving all things glitter including glitter scarves, purses, shoes, nail polish and hair clips.

Currently Loving Glitter | Sarah Hearts

I’ve been drawn to all things sparkly. Whenever out shopping with my mom, I would practically beg her for an all sequin (which I finally bought for myself last December)! Now that I’m a bit older, my love for glittery things has only grown. From accessories, to shoes, and of course crafting supplies, I’m glad other people are still into glitter too. Above are some of  my favorite sparkly finds.

Do you have a love/hate relationship with glitter?

1. Merona gold glitter skinny belt / 2. J. Crew gold glitter heart purse / 3. bobby pin set / 4. Gatsby gauze scarf / 5. Report Ellenton sandals / 6. Martha Stewart Crafts glitter pack / 7. Gold glitter storage boxes / 8. Essie glitter topcoat / 9. World Market glitter floral gift wrap 



  1. I have those sandals and aside from being adorably sparkly they are also the most comfortable shoes I own. I’m thinking about being a crazy hoarder and picking up another pair for when these wear out! But aside from that I am not a huge fan of glitter (shhhh, don’t tell anyone or I may lose my street cred). I’m mess averse and hate finding it all over me and the house (and my sons) after a glitter project. :)

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