Yellow and Blue Cottage Inspiration Board

Add some yellow and blue cottage inspired decor to your home.

I put together a little inspiration board for my dear friend, mentor, and teacher Mrs. Kraft. It’s funny saying Mrs. Kraft, because in high school she was Ms. Klose. Mrs Kraft was my english teacher for both tenth and eleventh grade. She was the “cool” teacher at my school. You know, the teacher that was hip and young and had a great rapport with all students. We all had a great respect for her and knew she also respected us.

She contacted me recently requesting some inspiration for her adorable cottage bungalow that her and her husband just moved into. She told me she is planning on painting the breakfast nook a, “lemony-butter yellow.” I absolutely loved the diction she used to describe that color choice. Above are a few things that I think are a great starting point on how she can put together that room.

1. Rug by Amy Butler.
2. Image via A Bowl Full of Lemons.
3. Console from Anthropologie.
4. Image via Elle Apparel.
5. Image via Miss Mustard Seed.


  1. Ok, so you’ve always been a favorite, I’ll admit it now when years have flown by…but seriously…did you actually take the creative part of my brain to translate my thoughts to a color board? I stinking, freaking LOVE it, and I want that rug in my nook now…or yesterday.
    I totally adore this; you have no idea how much this inspires me. I would love to sit with you and have a cup of coffee at the table next to the casement garden windows that overlook hydrangeas, a grafted camellia that has red, white and red-and-white blooms, and my arbor, complete with English ivy. You would be in love!
    Sarah, you are genius. And I just love you.
    Pardom my rambling, but I am enamored of your design and can’t wait to pick up my paint brush again!!!!

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