Contact Paper Lined Bathroom Cabinet

Add color to your medicine cabinet by lining the inside with patterned contact paper.

Contact Paper Lined Bathroom Cabinet | Sarah Hearts

Almost a month ago I picked up a couple of rolls of brown and white patterned contact paper at TJ Maxx. I had no idea what I was going to do with them but the print was great and so was the price (only $4.50 for 2 rolls) so I bought them. Do you ever do that? I trying to get better at not doing that but I’m such a sucker for great patterns whether they are on fabric, paper, or in this case contact paper.

Yesterday I finally got around to using them to spruce up the medicine cabinet in our bathroom. The cabinet in the master bathroom is the same one that’s in the guest bathroom. It’s just a standard, pretty boring mirrored cabinet. It’s still a boring cabinet but it now has a little surprise inside.

Contact Paper Lined Bathroom Cabinet | Sarah Hearts

Contact Paper Lined Bathroom Cabinet | Sarah Hearts

I removed two of the three mirrored doors and applied the contact paper to the back of the cabinet in two sections. I didn’t worry about lining up the seams since the print is tiny the seams are pretty unnoticeable.

Oh and if you’re wondering why our cabinet is so sparely stocked that’s because I moved all the medicine and first aid things to the larger cabinet in the guest bathroom. This way our tiny master bath only stores the things we uses daily.

If you give this simple DIY a try, I’d love to see a photo of it! Share it with the tag #sarahhearts!


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