DIY Chalkboard Wine Glasses

Gift your friends handmade chalkboard dipped wine and beer glasses this holiday season.

This past weekend I had several friends over for an evening of holiday crafting and cocktail making. One of the crafts was making these adorable chalkboard wine glasses. We also made chalkboard painted drinking glasses. This is a perfect holiday hostess gift, or for friends that are wine or beer lovers. The would also be great to make and give as a wedding gift! I found Ikea to be a great source for the glasses.

You can dip the glasses in chalkboard paint, however, we found it easiest to use a small foam brush and paint the stem of the glass.

• Glasses (I purchased wine and beer glasses at Ikea)
• Chalkboard paint (I got mine here for $9.99 for 30 oz., you can paint about 50 glasses with one can)
• Small foam brush
• Painter tape or masking tape (optional)
• Chalk

Use the tape to create a straight line towards to top of the stem. If painting a highball or beer glass, you can freehand (not use tape) the bottom portion of the glass. This creates a lovely organic look. You can also use the tape to create a rectangle shape to paint in on the side of the glass. Use the foam brush to apply the paint. Apply the paint in one thin layer, allow to dry (about 30 minutes), then apply a second coat. And that’s it! Super simple and looks so cute! I would recommend waiting at least a week for the paint to cure before hand washing the glasses.

Cost: $1.00-$2.20 per glass

{photos by me}


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