Pink, Red, Blue, and Jade Color Palette

Get inspired with this blush, strawberry, pool and jade color palette.

I love blush. It’s my makeup staple. For some ladies the can’t do without mascara or their “signature” lip color. My makeup necessity is blush. I feel naked without. When I was creating today’s color palette I thought of two things: blush and summer. I thought about blush because it’s part of my daily routine and summer has been on my mind because it’s been so hot here in Florida. I feel this photo by MayaLee captures both those things. I love how summer lends itself to heavily saturated hues inspired by nature. The blues with a hint of green in them pair perfectly with blush and a bright saturated strawberry. Now I want to paint my nail the pool blue color and wear strawberry lipstick.

Photo by MayaLee.

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