Best iPhone 5 Cases

My favorite iPhone 5 cases.

Sarah Hearts | Best iPhone 5 Cases


I now have my own line of iPhone 5 cases! Stop by my store to check it out. All case are made to order so I can change the colors used and even add your name or initials!

1. Monogram watercolor iPhone 5 case / 2. Garden Flowers iPhone 5 case / 3. Confetti Dots monogram iPhone 5 case / 4. Linen iPhone 5 case / 5. Summer Hearts iPhone 5 case / 6. Garden Floral personalized iPhone 5 case / 7. Confetti dots iPhone 5 case / 8. Pony Print iPhone 5 case / 9. Rose and Dots iPhone 5 case
best iphone 5 cases



Ok, I know you’re probably a little tired of hearing (more) about the new iPhone 5 but I’ve been hunting for the perfect case since I bought my new iPhone last Friday. I’m so clumsy and I’ve already come close to dropping it a couple times (Kevin, if you’re reading this—I will order one of these cases now!). So I thought I would share my favroite iPhone cases that are on the market now.

Did you find one you like even better? I’d love to know before I buy one soon!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9


  1. I like the yellow stripe. Does it have a lip on the front? Is the case hard or soft and how much is it.


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