April 2014 Calendar Wallpapers

April showers are bringing in May flowers this month! Dress up your phone, tablet, or computer for spring with this adorable free wallpaper.

Dress up your phone, tablet and computer for spring with this free calendar wallpaper!

Last week I asked on my Facebook page what you would like to see on April’s wallpaper and you all provided great responses. I seriously loved all your ideas! So I took a couple of them and created this month’s wallpaper. And I have to say, I think it’s my favorite wallpaper yet!

For those of you who loved the vintage floral idea, don’t worry I think that one will have to happen in the next couple of months. In the meantime, get ready for some April showers to bring some May flowers.

Dress up your phone, tablet and computer for spring with this free calendar wallpaper!

Update: I added a third version that includes the simple, powerful quote. I hope it brightens your day!

Download this month’s wallpaper for all your devices:

2560 x 1440 | 2560 x 1440 with calendar | 2560 x 1440 with quote
1440 x 900 | 1440 x 900 with calendar | 1440 x 900 with quote
2880 x 1800 Retina | 2880 x 1800 Retina with calendar | 2880 x 1800 Retina with quote
iPhone | iPhone with calendar | iPhone home screen wallpaper | iPhone with quote
iPad | iPad with calendar | iPad home screen wallpaper | iPad with quoteDress up your phone, tablet and computer for spring with this inspiring free wallpaper!

April showers are going to bring May flowers to your desktop! This free wallpaper is perfect for spring!

Concept and design by Sarah Khandjian

Download any (or all!) of my past wallpaper designs here.


    1. Love this, thanks Sarah. Even if it is Autum here in South Africa, your masterpiece is visible on my desktop!

  1. I love love love your wallpapers! I’ve been using them since the beginning of the year. I just downloaded this month’s, but when I put them on my iPhone, the lock screen is sort of “zoomed in”. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?


    1. Hi Rachel! If your iPhone is running iOS 7, then to have the wallpaper fit to the screen you have to turn reduce motion on. To do this, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion > Off.

  2. I like it but you need to have more options for the calendar. You also need to have the next month ready in the month before. Ex: in April you have the May wallpapers. Thanks!

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