Alice in Wonderland Teen Birthday Party

Details from the Alice in Wonderland inspired teen birthday I planned.

Alice in Wonderland Giant Paper Flowers

I recently had the opportunity to design, coordinate (and even cater) an Alice in Wonderland inspired 17th birthday party. I’ve been super busy this past month preparing every last detail for the party. I started by creating this idea board and developed my ideas from there. Sara (the birthday girl) was smitten by a photo she saw of a black and white checkered floor. That photo become source of inspiration and then I added a mix of reds, purples and jewel tone colors to create her own Wonerland inspired party!

I made 65 large three-dimentional paper flowers in reds and purples. I also made several with white paper that I partially painted red to mimic the look of  the painted roses in the Queen of Hearts castle.

Alice in Wonderland Party Table Decorations

To add a bit of glamour (and contrasting texture) I used a black sequin fabric as a table runner. I rented the lovely jewel tone stemware and teacups from Dishie Rentals. I scattered them randomly amidst the paper flowers on each table.

Alice in Wonderland Teen Party

Sara wanted there to be fun activities during the party so we had make-up, henna and air brush tattoo artists set up pool side.

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Cake

Isn’t this cake amazing? Jennyfer Manncino of The Sugar Suite took our vision and made a gorgeous three-tiered cake. It was white cake with a vanilla bean buttercream (which also happens to be one of my favorites). I added an assortment of candy around the cake table for the guests to snack on.

Alice in Wonderland Party Decorations

We added faux ivy in the corners and on the outside of the room to appear as through the wild ivy was creeping onto the castle walls. We hung these simple Ikea pendant lamps to add more lighting in the room.

Alice in Wonderland Party

Alice in Wonderland Teen Birthday Party

Here’s a snapshot of the kids from the party with Sara, the Queen of Hearts, in the middle. It was such a fun, magical night! I will share some of the food details (including the delicious menu) tomorrow.


  1. Hi I was wondering if you could post a tutorial on how you made the paper flowers? They are so cute and I’ll be doing an Alice in Wonderland themed party this summer for my 17th birthday and wanted to include them. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jessi! I used this tutorial to create the flowers. I found it easier to just use a glue gun to glue the 2 innermost petals together. If you have any questions please let me know. I hope you have an amazing birthday! I’d love to see photos :)

  2. Hi, I really liked the idea of having an Alice in Wonderland theme and I was wondering what time you had the party?

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