Orange Green and Pink Color Palette

Get inspired with this apricot, pistachio and rose color palette.

Once again sorry for the lack of updates. I have been very busy with design work (which I am extremely grateful) and it has not left any blogging time. I am going to try my best to get back into this swing of things around here, but I do apologize in advance if I don’t keep on track. I am going with Kevin to LA this week for a YouTube convention so deadlines are kinda tight right now.

In the meantime, I am so excited to share this color palette with you. It reminds me of sherbet, which definitely reminds me of summer. I stumbled upon Aran’s work on here gorgeous blog. She’s a very talented food photographer and stylist. Spend some time looking through her photos, you will want to run out an buy props or bake, at least that’s what happened to me. I mean, isn’t this photo of apricots delicious?

This color palette would be so cute for a summer party. How would you use it?

Photo by Aran.

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