How to Label Your Quilts

Customize all the quilts you make with our write-in labels. There’s a space for your name, date, and pattern!

We obviously are fans of adding labels to all our handmade makes around here. One of the most requested labels to date has been large, quilt labels. Specifically ones that could be customized. Our Quilt Info Write-In Labels are screen printed on oh-so-soft organic cotton and have a space to write in the date, your name, and the quilt pattern that was used.

When labeling quilts, our go-to pen is a Micron 05 marker. It’s a permanent, waterproof, and comes in various weights. My favorite is the size 05 in black. It’s still fine-point enough to write clearly but thick enough to be legible.

After writing, allow the ink to dry and then give it a press with a warm iron (without steam). Then it’s good to go!

Quilt labels are often added to the back of a quilt, but I love adding a small label to the front of a quilt too. Pictured above is our pink heart label, which is also available in a ton of other colors.

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