Thinking about advertising on Sarah Hearts blog? Here’s are a few venues that might interest you:

Side bar ads
This is a great way for our viewers to see your ad while they are visitng out site. Your company must be relevant to to the content on Sarah Hearts site. You can create the image or we would be happy to create one for you.

Sponsored Posts
Do you have a product or service that you feel will be a great fit with Sarah Hearts? We would love to create a sponsored blog post for your company. We can review your product or service or simply post about how lovely you are. We will write the post and create the blog image, however, it will not be posted to the site until you have approved the image and copy.

Do you make or sell an awesome craft, art, design, home good, or fashion product? We would love to give it away! We will utilize Twitter and Facebook to have our readers enter the giveaway contest. This is a wonderful opportunity to spread awareness of your product or service!

Interested in learning more about advertising? Download our advertising guide.

Contact us to purchase an ad or schedule a giveaway.

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